Level the Land at Your Construction Site

Level the Land at Your Construction Site

Leave the land grading services to us in Greensburg & Acme, PA

If you need land grading services, you can trust Eastern Tier Contracting, Inc to get them done right. We'll clear away dirt clods and rocks to provide you with a smooth, even surface for building.

We can:

  • Grade your land to make it ready for landscaping
  • Move a piece of land to put it somewhere else
  • Reconstruct land for construction purposes
  • Perform services for residential and commercial sites

Contact us today to request our land grading services in Greensburg or Acme, PA.

Get the land leveling service you need

Land leveling is an important part of excavation and construction. If you try to build on an uneven surface, your building can develop cracks in the foundation. You'll also find that it settles a lot over the years. Avoid complications by relying on our land leveling work.

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